Duration: 12 Months (Flexible)


Program Synopsis:

This program is designed to create professionals trained in Tourism and Travel Organisation and Management. The tourism industry and its earnings are very important to many countries worldwide, and tourism is a major force in the economy of the world – it has become an activity of global importance and significance. However, it has also become an industry sector which, unless it is well managed and controlled, can have harmful effects on the cultures and environments of “host” countries. To benefit from tourism its development must be planned, controlled and “sold” using modern marketing methods, the tourism and travel markets and their products, and the needs and expectations of customers – must be understood and satisfied. This Program covers all these matters and more.

Module 1 - Working in the Tourism Industry A and B

Working in the Tourism Industry Part A and Part B provides an overview of the tourism Industry highlighting all the exciting areas students may wish to work in. This subject includes industry structures, the interrelationships of the different sectors as well as the technology, laws and ethical issues specifically relevant to a career in travel and tourism. Students will integrate this knowledge to work effectively in the industry. Students will also conduct research in order to develop a general destination knowledge database on local Australian or International tourist locations for use in the selling process. Students will then develop the skills and knowledge to provide customer information and advice on tourist attractions and products available in their customers chosen destination. The subject will also cover the health and safety requirements of overseas travel

Module 2 – Travel Agency Sales II and III

Travel Agency Sales II and III provide the skills and knowledge required to sell travel and tourism products to customers in a travel agency. It requires the ability to identify specific customer needs, suggest a range of products to meet those needs, provide current and accurate product information, provide a quotation and close the sale. Travel Agency Sales II and III follows on from Travel Agency Sales I, where students are required to make and administer customer bookings for products and services with suppliers. It requires the ability to identify customer booking requirements from previous quotations or offers issued and then reconfirm them with suppliers. The sale must be recorded by raising invoices and receipts and then issuing documents to customers such as airline tickets or accommodation vouchers. Travel Sales III also covers dealing with diversity issues that may arise when dealing with a broad array of customers and their special needs or characteristics.

Module 3 - Business Operations

Being a manager requires a range of skills all of which can be learned and practiced. This module provides students with valuable insights into the manager’s role of monitoring the operation to ensure all business targets are met and building a sustainable long term business. The role starts by understanding the internal day-to-day work activities to be done then how to lead and support team members, plan and organised operational functions and solve problems. It also covers the requirements to use high-level communication and relationship building skills to conduct formal negotiations and make commercially significant business-to-business agreements

Module 4 – Financial Management

Much of a business’s success will come down to how the money is managed. Budgeting is a key activity to determine how much money is expected to come in and how much is expected to be spent. When preparing a budget, managers will look at their competitors, the way the market is moving and projected sales forecasts. In this module students will learn how to prepare a budget and how to maintain and monitor the budget against budget forecasts. Students will also learn how to interpret reports and financial information

Module 5 – Quality Customer Service

This module provides guidance on how a manager develops, monitors and adjusts customer service practices to maintain customer satisfaction. It requires the ability to consult with colleagues and customers and to resolve complex or escalated complaints and disputes. Students will also develop policies and procedures for quality service provision by front line staff and manage the delivery of customer service.

Module 6 – Human Resources

More and more, modern business understands the importance and value of the right staff to drive the business mission. In this module, students will learn to manage all aspects of the recruitment selection and induction process. This module also covers the role of leaders to communicate the mission, manage and reward staff as well as provide opportunities for staff development

Module 7 - Tourism Promotion

One of the most effective ways to promote your business is by participating in industry events or seminars with a visually appealing stand often with a special deal or a promotion. Even your shop front will require an attractive display to promote the sale of your service. This module explains the skills and knowledge required to develop brochures and other marketing materials. Students will identify the objectives of the promotion, determine who the audience will be, develop content, select all display components and finally assemble the display or stand

This Program Is Designed For Professionals:

The program provides important knowledge and a worthwhile qualification for career development and success in a wide range of tourism and travel related positions, for all ranges of employees, staff, business owners and managers. This program produces trained persons who are ready to be employed to work in tourism, to market and sell tourism and travel products, and to make decisions which can affect travel numbers and the volumes of tourists who visit a country. By making a career in an industry – such as tourism and travel – and by undertaking training such as is provided in this program, you will become a true professional in the field.