Why Study With US

Why Study With Us

Every year, London College of Higher Education helps hundreds of young people from around the world to study and to be awarded qualifications from a range of UK’s Top Universities.

Trusted Education Network

London College of Higher Education has helped ambitious international students to benefit from an outstanding university education in the UK and elsewhere. Today a growing network of UK Universities through ATHE trust us to prepare students like you for their undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses. Our expert teams will help you adapt to a new country, master a different education system and gain valuable experiences that will last a lifetime.

Student Support

From the moment you decide to study in the UK, we are here to help. Our specialist study advisors have helped thousands of international students just like you to settle into life at university.

Progression pathway Available

We understand that an international education is a big investment – and that’s why we give every student a promise: if you pass your pathway programme with us, you will progress to study your degree at a UK university. Many of our students complete their programme and degree at the same university. But even if your plans change, or your marks aren’t what you expect, you will always have lots of options for a world-class education. So whatever your academic goals are, we can help prepare you for life at university.