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Professional Certification Program

Professional Certificates

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Find your path to a new career

Gain the much needed recognition and move up the career ladder with our Professional Certification.

Our Unique Proposition

  • Certification process based on your qualification, project paper and work experience
  • Submission of project paper and resume by selecting your preferred industry/focus area
  • Flexible and individual learning space
  • No training / exam / classroom requirement

Top Five Reasons to Earn Our Professional Certification

  • Provides you the ‘RIGHT’ Credibility for the job as the leader of the Industry
  • Competitive Advantage in terms of Career Advancement, Salary Increases and Recognition by Employer
  • Best Practices approach in your focus area
  • Benchmarked to the best in the World
  • Value add recognition for your knowledge and experience

Certification Level

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Submission Process for Certification